Zing is here!

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Thanks to one of our new Sponsors, ZING! Nutrition Bars!

In this home, tested by the most discriminating of judges, family members with that sweet tooth I often mention. And their gluten free palate, always ready for a really flavorful, healthy snack, tells us these Zing Bars pass the test with flying colors.

Check ’em out! There are 12 flavors in the line, including 100 calorie mini bars. Zing provides clean energy, a natural result of high quality ingredients in the ideal proportion to support your metabolism.

They are gluten free, of course, and soy free. They use low-glycemic sweeteners and contain heart-healthty fats from nut butters. If these facts entice you… look for them where you shop, be sure to check for any allergic concerns your family may have, and give them a try!



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