Swiss-Stuffed Breast, Dairy-Free too

Swiss Stuffed BreastDaiya Swiss

Swiss Stuffed Breast, Dairy-Free too!


Sometimes a dish is created “Out-of-the-blue”. Such is the case for this yummy Swiss Stuffed Breast! Now you can make it with real Swiss Cheese, but if you are like me, Dairy-free is in order as well as Gluten Free.

I used Daiya Swiss Style Slices and it still tastes fabulous, you won’t miss the dairy version. Here’s how I did it:


For each boneless breast you will need these items. Do the Math for increasing your menu.

1 Boneless Chicken Breast. Thin sliced, or you can pound the breast to make thinner.

1 Slice Swiss Cheese  Or for Dairy free, one Daiya Swiss slice

2 Fresh Basil Leaves. No stems, please

Salt & Freshly ground Black Pepper

1 tbl Butter or substitute

1 tbl Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Place each slice of thin cutlet on the cutting board or platter. On ½ put the Cheese, then top it with the Basil.

Fold over so it looks like a pocket. (That’s why we said to place the Cheese & Basil on only ½.

Secure with 2 toothpicks on either edge to keep closed and seal in the cheese.

Sprinkle each side of the “pocket” with Salt & Pepper. You will do this repeatedly for each serving.

In a heavy skillet ( I used cast iron) melt the butter or substitute (I used Earth Balance) and Oil. When hot, put the Breast in and cook on medium heat. When first side has turned golden, flip over to cook the opposite side. Try using a meat thermometer to be sure it’s cooked since this has a double thickness. Temp must be 165.

You’ll notice the cheese start to ooze a bit , but if a lot comes out, try to spoon it onto a plate to save for enjoying when things are done! Notice the cheese on the side of my piece in my photo.

This is a fast and great week night meal. Serve with any veggie you like, or as I did, with baby red potatoes! Yum!!


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