Schar’s Latest: Artisan Bread & Mini Pizza

Schar Pizzas

Schar’s Newest Member of the Family!!


The Gluten Free community has always loved Schar products, and we’re pleased to announce that they have added another member to their family of Gluten Free products: Artisan Baker, 10 Grains & Seeds Bread. it boasts ancient and whole grains with a unique sourdough recipe!!  As if that’s not enough you can feel secure knowing it’s a great source of fiber.


Now you may be noticing the above photo and wondering “What’s this? Pizza??” Well, the blogging community has been asked if we can imagine different ways to enjoy this bread. Yep, everyone knows the typical, usual toast, or egg-on-a raft,  or exotic French Toast, but as an Italian,  my head just naturally goes to something savory and something either snack-y or meal time!! Tahdah! Use a slice and make it a personal Pizza!


Now there’s no need for a list of Ingredients or Directions. You all know about Marinara Sauce, ( or can find that on this blog) know about Mozzarella, Basil, grated Italian Cheese.  What I can tell you that I did here is this:  With a rolling pin, I slightly flattened each slice. Cut off the crust and then topped it with those ingredients. What you’ll taste is a delicious whole wheat, seeded crust after baking at 400 degrees until the Mozzarella has melted and gotten all gooey!


So, we hope you’ll enjoy Schar’s Ancient And Whole Grain Bread! Try it in so many different ways…including mine !! Mangia!!


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