Gluten Free Rice & Vegetable Soup

Rice & Vegetable Soup

Gluten Free Rice & Vegetable Soup! 


Nothing warms you like a bowl of hot soup. At least our family thinks so. We are huge soup lovers! So, here’s a simple soup you’ll probably be able to make right now…no exotic ingredients!


1 large Sweet Onion. I used a Vidalia. Chopped into small pieces.
2 or 3 Carrots, Peeled, chopped into ¼ in pieces.
1 Zucchini. Not peeled, but also chopped into small pieces. About the same size as the carrots and beans
1 ½ cups Green Beans. Trimmed, chopped to ¼ in. also
2 tbl Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (If no EVOO on hand, Canola is fine)
6 oz. Diced Tomatoes. (That’s half of a small can. Save rest for another day)
1 Large Garlic Clove. Minced finely
6 cups Chicken Broth. Gluten Free of course. ( That’s 1 box, & 1 can if you’re wondering!)
1 cup White Rice, you choose the grain. Not a Minute rice. Use a rice you’ll need to cook.
Fresh Parsley & Fresh Basil. Chop about 2 tbl of each
Salt & Pepper to taste


Start with a large soup pot, and warm the oil.
Saute the onions till transparent, then add the carrots and green beans.
Simmer on low for about 5 minutes.
Add the broth, zucchini, diced tomatoes, garlic, salt & pepper… Simmer the entire soup for 15 minutes, and then add the rice.
Simmer until the rice is cooked. You’ll have to spoon out a taste to see when this is achieved. Depending on the type of grain you use, the times vary.
Lastly, add the diced parsley & basil. Allow them to cook with the soup for about 5 minutes. Done!
It’s sooo delicious, this will become a staple in your family for years to come.


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