Gluten Free Pork Chops with Croutons & Apples

Gluten Free Pork Chops with Croutons & Apples

What can you prepare for dinner when there’s no time to make something that takes hours, or even 1 hour?…This Pork Chops with Apples & Croutons. Gluten Free of course. Hey, Moms work all day, yet want something more than “Let’s go to MacDonald’s”. Even if you don’t have a family to feed, eating healthy is very important; and on a gluten free diet, you may not be getting all of the nutrients you’d normally be ingesting if you were not a celiac or Gluten Intolerant. So…this took less than 30 minutes and is really easy. Give it a try.

Gluten Free Pork Chops with Apples and Croutons

I’m showing you one chop in all of the following pix, so that you may readily appreciate each step, but naturally, in a large skillet just add more chops. ( I like letting you in on each step so you’ll know what each one should look like. )

I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the blog, that making croutons is easy. I used 1 slice of Udi’s White Sandwich bread and just cut into cubes, seasoned it (there’s a photo for that, LOL!) and browned in some butter. Boom. Done!


Pork Chops. For these ingredients I made 2 chops. For 4, just double the following ingredients

1 Slice G-Free White Sandwich Bread, cut into 1 inch cubes
Salt & Pepper to taste
Dash of Garlic Powder. ( not garlic salt)
A few sprigs of Fresh Parsley, washed & dried, then chopped
1 tbl Butter

2 tbl Shallots, minced
1 Crisp Baking Apple. Not a Delicious Apple. Peeled, cored, cut to 1 inch
1 tbl Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbl Butter
1 – 2 tbl Light Brown Sugar
Dash Cinnamon

½ teas Balsamic Vinegar
½ cup G-Free Chicken Broth

First, cut up the bread, season with the Garlic Powder, S & P, and Parsley Flakes. Here’s a photo before mixing together. Toss to coat.

In a large skillet, ( I used non-stick, ceramic pan) melt the first tbl of butter that’s listed above. Brown the croutons until golden. Remove to a plate for later.

Cut the apples and coat with the brown sugar and cinnamon. Set aside for a minute.

In the same pan, add the 2nd tbl of Butter and EVOO. Add the Pork Chops and only brown 1 side for about 1 minute, when you add the Shallot and Apples.


Let saute together for another minute, and turn over the chop.
Add the broth, vinegar and combine all ingredients.
Cover pan with a tight lid and allow to cook on a low-medium heat for about 4 minutes. (I’m big on timing things so I hope you have a timer near the range and use it faithfully. It’s so easy to forget, getting distracted with all that’s going on!)

After that last 4 minutes, uncover and add the croutons.
Replace cover and allow to cook for only about 1 minute more.
Done! Flavorful, yet quick and healthy.




  1. Karen Karney-Hayden says

    I have a client that is GF and I am looking for simple recipes that she can make with us, I have taken some of these off your Web page and I will try them. They look and sound GOOD..

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