Gluten Free, Filled Chocolate-Raspberry Cupcakes.

Choc-RAsp Cupcakes-2nd

Gluten Free, Filled Chocolate-Raspberry Cupcakes
With Buttercream Frosting !

With the holidays almost upon us, here’s a wonderful dessert that’s festive, delicious, and fun. It could actually be served all year through, for parties, Valentine’s Day, even a traditional Memorial Day or Independence Day BBQ! And the best part is that it’s easy: the cake part is from your favorite Devil’s Food mix, and the frosting is from “scratch”. Oops! That dreaded word: ”Scratch”! But don’t give it a second thought; there are only a few ingredients and trust me, you can do it!!

Cupcake Ingredients:

A Gluten Free Devil’s Food Mix. ( I used Betty Crocker here)
Whatever items the box calls for, usually the eggs, water and either butter ( or substitute) or oil.
Seedless Raspberry Preserves, to fill 6 cupcakes, probably 3 tbl. or so

Frosting Ingredients: This amount will frost 6 cupcakes. Double up for a dozen, etc.

½ stick Sweet Butter ( or your substitute of choice)
1 cup Confectioner’s Sugar (Sifted to eliminate any lumps)
½ teas.Pure Vanilla Extract (Be sure it’s Pure. The Imitation extract isn’t G-F)
1 tbl. Milk


For cake:
Follow your mix’ instructions.
Allow cupcakes to cool for approximately ½ hr.

When cooled you’ll need 2 tools to stuff the cupcakes. (You don’t need a fancy “stuffer”. ) First, use a small sharp-pointed knife. With this, make a tiny slit in the top of the cupcake. Go down about ¾ of the way.
Next, use a very small spoon, such as a demitasse spoon, and spoon some Raspberry Preserves into the slit or hole to fill the cupcake. We’re only putting about ½ teas. inside. It’s easy to press against the side of the slit and put your small spoonful of preserves into the opening. We’re frosting over the hole, so don’t worry.

Frosting Directions:

With your mixer, combine the softened butter and confectioner’s sugar until very smooth and silky. Add the Vanilla and milk. If you feel the frosting is too thick for you to handle, add a drop or two more of the milk.

You can use a pastry bag and tip of your choice, or just use a round-tip knife ( bread knife) and smooth frosting yourself by hand. Try to pile a little extra if you’re doing this for the fresh raspberry to sit on. Tahdah!


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