Gluten-Free Devil’s Food Hearts with Cherries!

Val Heart Cupcake

Gluten-Free Chocolate Heart Cupcake with Cherries!
Easy as Can be! 



Stressed? Yes you are! Out of time? Yes, you certainly are!
Want an easy dessert for the family? Or someone special? Then here you go.
These heart-shaped paper baking cups are sold at stores like Michael’s. No greasing them, just fill with your favorite Devil’s Food Gluten-Free Recipe, or mix. (I used Betty Crocker’s ) Mix as directed,

Then open a can of a Gluten-Free Cherry Pie Filling. I used “Lucky Leaf” brand which states “Gluten Free” right on the label. Must have that, of course!

When the little hearts are cool, spoon some Cherry Pie Filling atop.
If you’re so inclined, add a dollop of Whipped Cream for even more decadence!

The Chocolate-dipped Strawberries are easy as well. Melt some chips, or buy a product from “Lighthouse” called chocolate dips, (duh!), which come in 6 individual little pkgs. (Sold in produce aisle.) Microwave for a minute and then dip-away! Save the rest for another day.

These are your own version of a Black Forest Dessert!

Tadah! You may be busy, but you’re a Valentine’s Dream!


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