Gluten Free Chocolate Swirl Cake – A Semi-Homemade Recipe

Close-up of One Corner. Cream Cheese adds a nice flavor!

A Close-up of inside!


Gluten-Free Chocolate Swirl Cake
A Semi-Homemade Recipe

It’s pretty easy to dress up a plain chocolate cake, & this recipe makes it a Gluten Free Chocolate Swirl Cake with the swirl being Cream Cheese! Yummmeee !

Now it’s a busy time for you, whether it’s Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter…we’ve all got too much on our agendas. So, get your favorite G-F Chocolate Cake Mix, and bit more than ½ bar of the brick style Cream Cheese ( that’s 6 oz.) and some other staples in your arsenal, and you’ve made a Chocolate Swirl Cake that’s fast, easy and delish!


For cake:
1 Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix ( I like Betty Crocker and Cherrybrook Kitchen which I used here, 16.4 oz.)
All of the Ingredients the box calls for (Varies with each, so read carefully)

Ingredients for Swirl:
6 oz. of Cream Cheese, softened or room temp.
2 tbls Granulated Sugar
1 Egg


Preheat oven to the instructions on your box.

Using a large bowl, prepare the ingredients directed on your box of choice for the cake. Simple.

In a smaller bowl, place the cream cheese, sugar and egg. Beat for a minute until combined.

In your 9 inch round or square cake pan, that’s greased well, ( I used margarine but you use your preference) pour all of the chocolate batter. Smooth out so it’s pretty flat on top.

Now, pour the cream cheese batter on top. Try to cover as much of the top as possible.
Using a soup spoon, swirl it in a “scooping” motion, so some gets down into the interior while leaving a swirl design on the top.
DON’T swirl too much, or we’ll lose the effect. We don’t want to combine so much that we have a beige cake. Less is more here.(Swirling, I mean)

Bake as directed on the mix box. Toothpick inserted inside will come out clean when it’s done. You should see the slight tinge of a golden color on edges where the cheese is. And the top may have a slight crack but it’s fine.

Allow to cool in the pan.Above is a photo of the interior so you’ll see what I mean about the swirling results. So good!



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