Gluten Free Chicken Francese


Gluten Free Chicken Francese

How about preparing that Chicken Cutlet in a new way, Gluten Free Chicken Francese?? Hey guys! It’s really easy and a quick fix!

And if entertaining is on the agenda, here’s something that won’t break the bank, but is sure to impress!! No one will taste the difference or know they’re G-Free!!

So, if you’ve not already tried Gluten Free Bisquick, now’s the time.
It’s great in so many recipes, such as my “Impossible Zucchini Muffins” (or same recipe into a pie). I’ve incorporated it into blueberry cupcakes, biscuits for Strawberry Shortcake, etc, etc. Whatever you use it for, you’ll be glad you picked it up. Anyway…here goes Chicken Francese!!


1 lb. Boneless Chicken Breast ( also called cutlets by many of us)
½ cup Gluten Free Bisquick
Dash of Salt & Pepper
2 eggs

¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tbl Butter
1/4 cup White Wine.( Alcohol cooks off so only flavor remains)
½ cup to possibly more Chicken Broth. G-Free of course
Juice of ½ Lemon
Fresh Parsley leaves, chopped as a garnish.
Optional: Several Crimini Mushrooms or White Button Mushrooms.

This recipe was prepared for a traditional kitchen, but you can transition it to Gluten Free as I did with Gluten Free Bisquick and G-F Broth.



Ok, first, on a cutting board slice the cutlets if they are too big & chunky. Mine were turned into 4 in or so. After cutting, place between 2 layers of Plastic Wrap and pound a little flatter.

Take 2 dishes, one deep enough to beat 2 eggs, and 1 flat for dredging the meat in the Bisquick.
First dredge each slice in the Bisquick, then coat in the beaten egg, then go back to the Bisquick and dredge there a second time. Place each coated piece on a clean plate until all are done.

Heat the EVOO and 2 tbl Butter in a skillet or fry pan. I like ceramic coated pans, myself for things like this. When butter & oil have warmed, place in the chicken slices and on a heat that’s not too high ( you could burn the butter if it’s too hot) sautee 2 minutes on each side.  Hree’s a photo of the sauteed chicken. Golden but not browned.

Not too high on the heat, medium is fine.

Remove to a plate and set aside. If you were adding the mushrooms to the recipe, now you can sautee sliced mushrooms for a minute or two. Then remove those also to a plate.
Add the remaining ingredients (except the Parsley) to the bits of chicken that may have remained and flavors that are in the pan. If it’s too dry, then add 1 tbl more of butter. But mine didn’t need any additional. Use your judgment.

Now replace the chicken ( and mushrooms, if used) in the liquid and cover. Simmer for about 3 minutes longer.

Serve immediately and garnish with the chopped Parsley Flakes.
This is great served next to a swirl of G-Free Spaghetti. Lemony & Light!
This is so quick, you’ll love it whenever short on time or whenever you’d like Chicken Cutlets in another way other than grilled or breaded with bread crumbs or in a sauce. Try it!





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      Hi Jo, Yes, you may. I’d add a little bit more broth than it calls for. I would store in an air-tight container to insure you don’t have freezer burn. Don’t make and freeze the rice, though if you were intending to serve it with rice. Make that on the day you’re serving the chicken. Thanks for visiting the blog. Come again!

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