Gluten Free Cheese-Filled Coffee Cake

Check out the layer of cheese filling!

Gluten Free Cheese-Filled Coffee Cake

I used to live in New York, actually most of my life that’s where I resided. And bakeries were located all over the city and the boroughs, so it was so easy to pop into one and buy just what you were in the mood to enjoy; a pie, cookies, pastries, buns and donuts, coffee cakes. And there was nothing we loved with coffee or tea, more than coffee cake. It could have been plain, filled with fruits, or like this one, cheese filled.

When Celiac Disease took over my life, I had to make adjustments in many ways. And I sure missed my desserts. As I’ve said, we have a “Sweet Tooth” in our family.
Today I was in the mood for  Cream Cheese Crumb Coffee Cake.
After adjusting a recipe or two, I came up with this one, and if I do say so, it’s a homerun!  So, if company’s coming during the holidays, and you need a breakfast treat, or you just find that you’ll be indoors on a weekend, and want to cozy up on your favorite easy chair with a hot cup of coffee, prepare this and then sit back and take the compliments!

This uses the Gluten-Free Bisquick, so no need to mix several types of flour. And except for the cream cheese, I’ll bet you already have all the stuff you’ll need. Pick up a pkg of the solid cream cheese bar (not whipped) and get going. Easy to do…lovely to present on the table…yummy to eat!

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
Generously grease a round cake pan, 9 in. is used here.(I used margarine)

Cream Cheese Filling:

6 0z. Cream Cheese – room temperature
¼ cup Granulated Sugar
½ teas. Lemon Juice

Dough Ingredients:
1 ½ cups Gluten Free Bisquick
2 Large Eggs
1/3 cup Milk (I used Lactaid 2%, but any is fine)
¼ cup Butter-softened, room temp is fine)
1 teas Pure Vanilla Extract
1/3 cup Granulated Sugar

Crumb Topping Ingredients:
¼ cup Light Brown Sugar
¼ cup Softened Butter- room temp
1/3 cup All Purpose G-F Flour Blend (Bob’s Red Mill is fine.)
Small amount of Confectioner’s Sugar for dusting on top when it’s done.


Well, you’ve greased the pan liberally, so set it aside.
First mix the filling in a small bowl and set aside.

In a large bowl, mix the butter, milk, eggs, vanilla and sugar.
Gradually add the flour and mix until well combined.
Spread about a little more than half of the batter in the bottom of the pan.

Next put the cream cheese filling on top and try to spread around. It may be difficult, but using the back of a tablespoon works well.

Lastly, put the remainder of the dough batter on top.

In a small bowl, using a pastry blender tool or 2 forks, combine the topping ingredients until it resembles crumbs. Sprinkle over the batter in the pan.
That’s it!
Bake for about 25 minutes. Ovens vary so take a peak after 20 minutes. A tooth pick inserted into it should come out clean and dry when done.

Cool well before dusting the top with sifted confectioner’s sugar, if you like.
After cooling, be sure to keep covered for freshness.



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