Gluten Free Boneless Chicken Tenders with G-F Cornflake Crust

A different take on “chicken cutlets”!


We were recently preparing to make Boneless Chicken Breasts, or Chicken Cutlets to many of you. My daughter-in-law mentioned that someone in her office prepared them using cornflakes, the cereal we all grew up enjoying!  However, since we are celiacs or intolerant, that wouldn’t do at all. Ah, but wait, she had a Gluten Free Cornflakes in the pantry. So, Tadah! this was born.


Frankly, I think this will appeal to the kids in the house more than the adults…just use tenders. The taste has a bit of sweetness to it, so keep that in mind in pleasing the kiddees!


1 lb. Boneless Chicken Breasts or Tenders

1 large Egg

2 tbl Milk

2 cups G-Free Cornflakes Cereal

Dash of Salt & Pepper

1 tbl Dried Parsley Flakes

2 tbl Grated Italian Cheese such as Parmegiano or Romano

1/4 cup and possibly more Vegetable, Corn or Canola Oil (Do not use Olive Oil)



To coat the meat, take 3 low bowls or large dishes.

In one place the egg and milk which you beat together with a fork. In the second place the following prepared cornflake mixture:

Using a large baggie or zip-lock bag, put in the cornflakes. Seal bag tight. and crush into a crumb texture using a meat pounder or anything flat, even a hammer.

Open top and add the spices and cheese. Now pour this into that 2nd bowl I mentioned. Flatten it out to reach all edges of the plate.

Leave the 3rd bowl empty at first. That’s where we will place the coated breasts.

So, begin: Dip each piece into the egg mixture, turning to coat each side. Then lie flat on top of the cornflake mixture and press down with clean hands. Turn over and coat 2nd side well.

Place on the empty plate and repeat until all of the breasts or tenders are done.

KEEP WASHING HANDS!!  We are handling raw chicken of course! Don’t touch anything at all after handling the raw meat, unless you’ve washed hands first.


When all is coated, put the oil in a skillet and fry until golden brown on all sides. Drain on clean paper towels after removing. There you are!  Serve with anything your family likes: a Marinara Sauce for dipping, even Ketchup for the Kids!





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