Gluten Free Boneless Chicken Breasts Filled with Ham & Mushrooms

G-F Boneless Breast Stuffed w. Ham & Mushrooms


Gluten Free Boneless Breasts filled with Ham & Mushrooms!


If you’re tired of the same old way you make Boneless Chicken Breasts, try this: Gluten Free Boneless Breasts Filled with Ham & Mushrooms!
It calls for G-Free Sliced Ham, such as “cold-cuts” or luncheon meats but be sure to ask if it’s Gluten Free. I’ve said often, Boar’s Head brand is.

You’re going to take thin sliced breasts, and even pound them thinner.
Lay flat, then layer 1 slice of the Ham, and a scoop of the bread crumb, garlic, mushroom mix we’ll be preparing. And you’re pretty close to being done. Read on…and have a different dinner tonight!

Ingredients for 4 servings:

1 to 1 ½ lbs Boneless Chicken Breasts. Cut to a size about 6×3 in. Thin sliced, then pound between plastic wrap for even thinner pieces.

Several Slices of G-Free plain Ham. Don’t get Virginia Ham, or flavored ham. Just plain. But Gluten Free, of course.

1 clove Garlic, minced as small as you can.
2 tbls Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 or 4 Baby Bellas. Also called Crimini Mushrooms. Minced as well.
Dash of Salt & Pepper
1/3 cup Flavored Gluten Free Bread Crumbs.

Coating Ingredients:
½ cup Canola Oil for the final step of cooking the filled breasts.
½ cup Flavored Gluten Free Bread Crumbs, for rolling the filled pieces.
¼ cup All Purpose G-Free Flour
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 Egg
3 tbls Milk or substitute. ( I used Coconut Milk)


First, after mincing the Garlic & Mushrooms, saute them in the Olive Oil until fragrant. Do not brown the garlic.
Add the Bread Crumbs to the skillet and combine well. Add the Salt & Pepper. Stir well. Set aside to cool enough to handle.

On a board, flatten the Chicken Breasts. While they are laying on the counter, put 1 slice ( or half a slice if the breasts are small) on top of the chicken.
On top of the Ham, layer a scoop of the cooled Bread Crumb-Mushroom mixture. Put it in the center. Not too much, or it will squeeze out the sides. Just enough to handle when rolling.

Start at the short end, roll closed. Secure with two toothpicks to stay closed.

Take a dish and beat the egg and milk together for coating.
Take a plate and put the bread crumbs & flour on it. Stir together to combine the 2 things.

Now, you’ll roll the filled chicken in the egg-milk, coating all over.

Then roll in the bread crumb mixture. You may have to help it stick to the breasts by rolling a few times. Set aside as you complete the process for the rest.

Heat the Canola Oil in a skillet. Not high, just low-medium heat.
Put the breaded meat in the pan and cook, turning to get every side golden brown.
Don’t rush, take time to cook well.

If possible, use a thermometer to see if center area is done. Should be 165 degrees.
Cool a little, then serve with any favorite side dish you choose.
Maybe some applesauce with each would be great!


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