Gluten Free Apple-Peach Crisp

The edges bubble with fruity juices, while the crumb top adds crunch!


Gluten Free Apple-Peach Crisp

It’s time for sweet desserts, especially if Ice Cream can be piled on top: How about Apple-Peach Crisp!

You can make this early in the day, before it’s too hot outside, and set it aside for later as dessert. Whether you scoop ice cream on, or some whipped cream…no matter, it’s just Heaven!

Ingredients to serve 4:

3 Tart Baking Apples & 2 Ripe Peaches, wash, peel and slice.
½ cup G-Free Flour Blend ( Mix your own or use ready made “All-Purpose” like Namaste’s)
2 tbl Granulated Sugar
¼ cup Brown Sugar. I use Light Brown Sugar
¼ teas. Cinnamon
Dash of Ground Nutmeg
3 tbl cold Sweet Butter
Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees

After slicing fruit, toss in a bowl with the granulated sugar.
Mix all of the remaining ingredients with the butter in a 2nd bowl and using a pastry toll or fork, combine until it crumbles and forms large ” peas”.

Grease a pie pan or round baking pan. I used 2 ceramic 7 in. dishes, but your 9 in round baking pan is fine. Or even 4 individual pans will be great, & easier for serving too.

Place the fruit (already coated w. the gran sugar) in the pan. Sprinkle the brown sugar mixture all over the top.
Place in the 375 degree oven for 30 minutes.
You’ll see the sides bubbling a bit.
Done! How fast was that? And it’s dissolved into this sweet, fruity dessert.


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