Chicken-in-a Pouch, Yum!

Chicken Packet w Mush & carrots

Gluten Free Chicken-in-a-Pouch!


Well, you may be looking at this serving and wondering, “Where’s the pouch?” Ah, that was the first step in this terrific way to prepare dinner that’s almost effortless.

You’ll take a piece of foil, for each serving, say about 10 x 15inches.  In it you place 2 tbl of EVOO, (extra virgin olive oil ) the piece of chicken breast per serving, spices, a couple of veggies, and seal it up. Close all sides folded over to seal in the steam & goodness. In ½ hour, DONE!  Dinner!!

What can you do in the half hour you now have to spare; change into your pjs, relax with that glass of wine!!!, who knows?



1 Chicken Breast per person, I sued boneless but bone in works too.

Aluminum Foil pieces, one per serving pouch, cut approx. 10 in x 15 in.

2 tbl EVOO per pouch

Sliced Crimini or White Button Mushrooms, Sliced Carrots, Sliced Zucchini, whatever veggie you love. Use enough to provide a serving in each pouch.

Salt, Pepper to taste

Rosemary: a dash of dried per pouch

Parsley: a dash of dried or 1 teas chopped fresh.


Directions: Preheat oven to 365 degrees.

Take each piece of foil. Lie it on a flat pan or cookie sheet.

Place the EVOO first, spices next, then the veggies and chicken. Turn well with clean hands to coat everything.

First, take the 2 long sides and meet on top, like a tent, and then fold over like an envelope.

Lastly, fold or crimp the 2 short sides, sealing well to keep steam & juices inside.

Bake on a flat pan or cookie sheet for ½ hour at 365 degrees. BE CAREFUL removing and opening. The steam will escape and can burn hands. It’s very HOT!

Here’s a shot if the opening pouch, ready to eat. Hope you enjoy!Foil packet w Chicken & mush


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