Cheez-y Macaroni with Chicken

Cheez-y Macaroni with Chicken

Semi-Homemade & Non-Dairy !

With that soo-busy lifestyle and the extreme heat we’re having across the country, why not try a Semi-Homemade dish that’s not only fast, but non-dairy as well.
You’ll need this package by Namaste, and just a few other ingredients you’re sure to have on hand. I added cooked chicken that really took no fuss at all, but you can easily add some broccoli florets, peas, or whatever the family likes. Give it a try!                                                              


1 Pkg. Namaste Gluten-Free “Say Cheez” Pasta
The vegetable oil and plain water called for on package
2 Large Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
2 tbls Vegetable or Canola Oil for sautéing chicken

Several Broccoli Florets-slightly cooked
½ cup Frozen Peas
Whatever Veggie you love, like a few sautéed red pepper slices, or par-cooked zucchini cubes, cherry tomatoes, etc

First you’ll need to slice the boneless breasts into cubes. Heat the 2 tbls Oil in a large skillet and add the chicken. Sautee until lightly golden on all sides. We’re cooking the chicken because when we add to the pasta there will not be any further cooking.
Drain on paper towel, but reserve that flavorful oil which has any drippings from the chicken.

Prepare the pasta as the package directs…really easy to do.
When the pasta is done, and we like ours al-dente, combine it with their cheez-y sauce that you mixed while the pasta was boiling.
When those 2 items are combined, add the chicken cubes and if you’re adding any cooked veggies, add them now as well.

Stir to incorporate into the pasta dish and plate it up!  Quick, non-dairy for those observing this diet, and a great quick meal! Cheez-y Macaroni with Chicken


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