About Me

Welcome to my Gluten Free Italian Blog. I guess I’ll introduce myself first.
My name is Annette and I live in the “Garden State”, the beautiful state of New Jersey!
I was actually a New Yorker most of my life, growing up there and learning to cook and bake at the hip of my Italian-American Mom.(Whom I dearly miss, I must say. But I’m sure she’s watching over me even as I write.)

Like many others, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after much suffering, pain and anguish wondering what could be wrong with me!  As a kid, we visited the doctor so often that when he saw me he’d exclaim, “Well, it’s the belly-ache kid”!
Later in my life I had 3 ulcers and always suffered in one way or the other.

For years I was embarrassed, frustrated and just down-right MAD.  However, unlike scores of Celiacs, I wasn’t diagnosed as a child…nor as a teen…nor even as a young woman!

Mine was determined after 50!  Talk about a mystery!!
It was so severe that I was unable to make a 30 minute drive without seeking out a supermarket   or shop with a restroom.  And going to work every morning involved a major decision: To Eat or   Not to Eat!  And as for meal choices, I would tremble with fear about what the result of my selection might  be. Finally, my endoscopy revealed the culprit!

Thank God for the wonderful gastroenterologists who have been caring and supportive, providing information, guidance and so much more.

This blog is my small way of offering encouragement, assistance, some fun and anything else I can provide to those of you who are finding a Gluten-Free lifestyle difficult and burdensome.
It sure as heck doesn’t have to be!  Think of it as a journey. A way to your

As a lifelong lover of cooking and baking, and having had a small catering business in the past, I will so enjoy sharing recipes ( and some stories) with all of you.  I’m also happy to tell you that I’m now writing for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness,  www.celiaccentral.org in their “Staff Blogs: Bits & Bites” section. So, wander over to their site for lots of very informative news, medical updates,  and current happenings across the country.

For this blog,
My recipes will be two-fold:
Those for someone who loves “FROM SCRATCH” Recipes, and

Those for the person who wants “SEMI-HOMEMADE”. (Kinda like that tall blonde
lady  on the Food Network, only I’m not that gorgeous!)

So…stick around. We’ll have some adventures and enjoy ourselves along the way!