Ah! Summer!

Isn't this what it's all about?


Well, here we are!  It’s Summertime,  and finally time to get out and enjoy the warm weather ( or very hot in many parts of the country).  It’s time to work a little less and play a little more!

Do you remember when you felt like these 2 kids? All that mattered was having fun, relaxing with toes in the water, and thinking about your next ice cream cone.  Having someone to enjoy the day with, whether it was a sibling, a friend, or a parent…no matter, just sharing was the point. We grew up so fast, where did the years go? Don’t know about you, but I smile when I think of those summer days of  swimming in the lake, wandering through wooded paths in search of new “adventures”, riding my bike that didn’t have any “speeds” but those provided by my energy, giggling with friends while staying up late since school was out,  and getting a double-scoop ice cream cone in town! ( for less than a dollar!!)

Summer will escape us before we know it, so plan something each week that makes memories. If you’re alone take a long ride and enjoy the day, or walk somewhere you’ve never been, or just take your comfy chair and plant it outdoors with a cool lemonade.  These little guys above will remind me to do something light-hearted each week, every time I open this blog. Perhaps, they may remind you as well!




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