Gluten-Free Linzer Tarts

G-F Linzer Tarts

Gluten-Free Linzer Tarts!   For our home, Christmas isn’t complete without Linzer Tarts! Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, everything has had to be transitioned to a G-Free diet, and these are no exception! Ah, but they are just as delish as the ones I remember. I hope you’ll try them, and even make them…

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Gluten-Free Chocolate-Cheesecake Dessert, Semi-homemade with Udi’s Help

Cheesecake Bars3

Gluten-Free Chocolate-Cheesecake Desserts Semi-Homemade with Udi’s!   Ok Readers, You know my “thing”! Semi-Homemade is occasionally necessary…especially when you’re stressed with holidays, shopping, oh! and work…Ugh! So, Udi’s Brownie Bites make your life so much easier. Here you can use those little treats for the base of this Chocolate-Cheesecake Dessert. I made this a while…

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Gluten-Free Madelines, A Semi-homemade Recipe

G-Free Madelines

  Gluten-Free Madelines,  A Semi-Homemade Recipe!     Have you ever had a Madeline Cookie?  They’re soft, melt-in-your-mouth treats, and I’ve always loved them. Actually, I’ve missed them, since being diagnosed Celiac. Ah, until now!! They are a shell-shaped cookie which is the result of baking in the same shape cookie pan. Just ask for…

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