Gluten Free Chocolate-Mocha Cake

gluten free mocha chocolate mocha cake

Gluten Free Chocolate-Mocha Cake!    When my son was a kid I always baked something special for Valentine’s Day. (We actually never needed a reason or holiday to bake, we have a serious sweet tooth!)  But on that day, it was in the shape of a heart, or I decorated a regular shaped cake with…

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Gluten Free Provincial French Vegetable Soup

Prov. French Veg Soup

Gluten Free Provincial French Vegetable Soup!   I’ve mentioned here on the blog that we’re BIG soup lovers. This is a French soup that’s so warming, and so rich in flavors that I’m sure you’ll become a fan. It’s something I’ve been making for about 8 years, and guests who’ve enjoyed it, have all asked…

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My experience with an Over-The Counter Medication!

Dear Readers, Recently I was feeling “under-the-weather” with an upper respiratory infection. Who isn’t these days, it’s winter in the northeast!!   Along with the other suggestions my physician made and prescriptions he wrote, I purchased Tylenol Sinus.   I trusted the fact that the list of ingredients didn’t include any gluten derivatives or signs of it, so…

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