Gluten Free Poached Pears with Strawberries

Poached Pear with Strawberries

Gluten Free Poached Pear with Strawberries!!    Talk about fast & easy! It was a “no-brainer”, creating a dessert that would be healthy and satisfying for that sweet tooth I’ve so often raved ( or complained) about. All you need is a Bartlett Pear per person, a pint of strawberries and some honey! That’s it!…

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Gluten Free Beef & Bean Stew

Beef & Bean Stew

Gluten Free Beef & Bean Stew!!    Felt like something hearty and filling, so I decided to add Cannellini Beans to my Beef and Vegetable Stew, and it worked! Satisfying and healthy! After you’ve cut up all of the ingredients and browned them, once the stew is simmering, you can set a timer for every…

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