Gluten Free Pasta in Bolognese Sauce

Surprise Mom with dinner you prepare!

  Gluten Free Pasta in Bolognese Sauce!    Would you like to surprise Mom with dinner on her special day or on any day, for that matter? Why not an Italian Dinner that you can easily make from scratch? Bolognese Sauce is pretty easy and this recipe shortens the time to 1 hour. Bolognese Sauce…

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Chicken-in-a Pouch, Yum!

Chicken Packet w Mush & carrots

Gluten Free Chicken-in-a-Pouch!   Well, you may be looking at this serving and wondering, “Where’s the pouch?” Ah, that was the first step in this terrific way to prepare dinner that’s almost effortless. You’ll take a piece of foil, for each serving, say about 10 x 15inches.  In it you place 2 tbl of EVOO,…

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