Gluten Free Risotto with Chicken & Peas

Risotto with Chicken & Peas

Gluten Free Risotto with Chicken & Peas!!   Do you ever have some extra leftover white meat from the breast of Chicken that you’ve made? Or take some white meat from that whole Chicken you made and set it aside for this dish. It’s an easy and oh so delicious meal: Gluten Free Risotto with…

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Crunchies! A New Snack!


The nice people at “Crunchies” sent us a few samples to try! Their “Crunchies” are all natural, with no additives at all! They make a Freeze-dried variety of fruits snacks, only 40 calories per serving, which is a 1/3 cup of the fruit. So, if you’re searching for a snack, maybe for that lunch-box for…

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Reviewing Namee Chips

Namee chips

Worried about Gluten Free Snacks? Are the chips you saw on the shelf really G-F? Well, here’s a no-fail, sure-fire bet! Namee is a new chip that comes in a canister, such as shown here…but in flavors as well as the original, plain flavor. They make B-B-Q and Sour Onion, etc.  A big HIT with…

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