Gluten-Free “Tassies”


Gluten-Free Tassies! Have you started thinking about what you’ll be baking for the Holidays? My late mother made several types of baked goodies each year. These “Tassies” were one of her specialties. Of course, no one was gluten intolerant, so her’s were made with a traditional flour. Today, I decided to try her recipe, but…

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Gluten Free Glazed Loin of Pork

Glazed Pork Loin

Gluten Free Glazed Loin of Pork!!   Entertaining? Or like me, just in the mood for a roast of some sort. At the butcher’s this Loin of Pork was calling out to me! So, here it is. Since there’s the worry about ingredients in store-bought glazes and marinades, we’ll make our own! And you know it’s fresh,…

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Gluten Free Snowball Cookies

Gluten Free Snowbal lCookies

Gluten Free Snowball Cookies Oh my, you may live in an area where snow does not appear at holiday time, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have “Snowballs”!! These have been in my family for so many years (Thank you Mom.), I can’t count them. Originally baked with regular all purpose flour, ( which I…

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